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About the Company

The Čelebić company was founded in 1991 in Podgorica. The name of the Company is well known to Montenegrin citizens, bearing in mind the number of buildings, residential and office buildings that were the result of the great enthusiasm of people employed in the Company.
For more than twenty years, we are BUILDING THE FUTURE, as our motto says, the future for our citizens, for our children, for all of us. our facilities are the best representatives of the Company itself: their main features are stability, elegance, refinement of form, harmony of colours, and exceptional functionality. However, the success of a company is best represented by the success of its clients and customers. So far, the Čelebić company has built dozens of residential and commercial buildings with a total area of over 200,000 square meters, designed, reconstructed and built miles and miles of streets and sidewalks.
Besides construction of buildings for the market sale, the Company has constructed, reconstructed or refurbished a number of facilities for well known customers which include: construction of the Distribution Centre GORENJE in Podgorica; the Industrial bakery PRIMAT; reconstruction and construction of the President’s Residence in Cetinje, Montenegro; commercial building of the NEREGELIJA company; construction of the printing house MONTCARTON; reconstruction, renovation and upgrading of premises of the Central Bank of Montenegro in Podgorica; as well as reconstruction and renovation of the former building of Montenegro bank for the National Security Agency Montenegro; the construction of the Delta City; the University of Donja Gorica; Business Centre ČELEBIĆ and the new building of the Police Directorate.
The latest project of the Čelebić company have confirmed the strength and domination of out company in civil engineering, bearing in mind the investments that were completed before the deadline: MINI DETOUR and bridge on the Ribnica, Trade Centre Bazaar, and we are specially proud on our largest investment, worth 120 million € - the City Quarter, a complex of 15 residential buildings which nowadays represents a completely new quarter and residential decoration in Podgorica. The improvement of a quality system is a condition for its efficiency. Assessment of the quality achieved, identification and implementation of corrective and preventive measures in order to improve business processes is our constant task. Defined processes are targeted and we measure their efficiency in line with the requirements of internationally recognised standards of Quality Management ISO 9001.